Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today I started working towards getting my craft room back...

A few years ago (April 2009) I choose to give up my craft room so that my grandson who was moving in with us could have a room. Well today (Nov 2011) I started working to get a craft room back. All summer I been wanting to be able to do my paper crafts and have been unable to because everything was boxed up in a hurry and I couldn't find anything and I was buying repeats of stuff I had already bought (ex, last month I bought a new heat embossing gun because I couldn't find mine). Hubby and I been talking about giving up the dining room and moving my craft room into the living room (which is an addition anyway). So today I started on that project of moving furniture and setting up my craft room. Hopefully I will have it done by Thanksgiving. If not, my house is going to be a wreck when people start arriving. I got a lot of it moved today, but there's still a lot to move. I swear I wouldn't need to ever visit a store for paper or cardstock ever again and never would I run My biggest problem at the moment is finding a place for everything that makes sense for it to be there. But as I progress I am sure I will eventually find a place for everything and all will be fine. As soon as it is finished I will post some pics so that I can say I actually got my craft room back. :)

Until next time....Happy Crafting!

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