Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some of the long awaited Christmas card pics...

 This was my first card of the year. I didn't realize the already made card base so was much bigger than the card front I made. So after this one I started cutting down and making my own bases for them. :)

 This was the second card, I knew it needed a little something. So I ordered up some Stickles and while waiting for them I made another one just silimar to it to add the Stickles to, wanted to see which one I liked best. :)

 This is the one I added Stickles too. I dont know what I did wrong with it. I got that weird coloring on the snowman. I think it was where I used the applicator tip to spread the Stickles because I didnt want a lot but I wanted some. I decided if anyone noticed it and asked about it, my answer was going to be I heat with a wood stove all my snowmen look like

 This one was a little more complicated than planned. Kaitie and I played with it and played with it and found that we liked the gold part embossed backwards because it gave it a better look than all of it being embossed upwards like the silver in Happy Holidays... what do you think? Everyone seems to like this one best of all of them I have made so far.

 This one was just one of those whimsical ones you have to have for the kiddos. I liked this image so I made several of them. I was going to try one with Stickled ornaments but I aint sure how that will go over so I haven't tried it yet. There is still time if I need the extra cards.

 This one was just playing around to see what I could come up with. I had the diecut for the snowman and I was curious if I could make something that looked like this. And by golly, look how it turned out. Not to shabby if I might say so myself. :)

 Similar card to the above one, the only difference is this runs longer instead of side to side (I aint sure what that is called, lol). I wish I had made the snowy bottom taller and moved it up on the card base some, but it still looks nice I think.

This one I tried to distress the Happy Holidays but it didnt work quite the way I planned but still overall, a nice card. I was really disappointed I couldn't get the distressed look on this that I was going for but sometimes what we want and what we get aren't always the same.

So there is some of them. If I make any more different ones I will be sure to post them. But those are the ones I have done as of now. 

Until next time......

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  1. Adorable Christmas cards! Thanks for your comment on my blog. My post is working now if you would like to come back and take another look. Thanks!