Friday, November 25, 2011

Good News...2 more blog wins...yeah me! Craft Room is coming along...and 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop

Well hello everyone. I received some exciting news yesterday, I won another blog Hop Prize, this time from Huff and Puff Scrap got the email yesterday. I also won earlier in the week from Tami's Craft Connection. I guess my luck hasn't entirely run out yet. Thanks for the lovely prizes ladies. I promise to get good uses out of them. :)

My craft room is coming right along. Been working on getting the living room furniture into the old dining room. We finished that up today. Now the craft room has all the boxes that used to be sitting in the dining room with my craft stuff in them sitting in the craft room on every piece of available floor space. Plans are to finish sorting it out and straightened this room (craft) up tomorrow so that the Christmas tree can go up in the front windows of the craft room. Kaitie is down here so we want to get it done while she is here to help decorate. That granddaughter (Kaitie) of mine made off like a bandit today. She has a huge box of scrapping and card making stuff. And we haven't even put a dent in all the stuff that needs to be sorted through and put away yet. :) 

I am participating in my next blog hop, I am not a person that is doing anything in it, I am just hopping along getting ideas, this one is requiring a little more time, its the 12 days of Christmas one that is over at I hope I did that right and the link works. It started today and runs through Dec 6th. So far I have seen several projects that Kaitie and I are going to try and do. I think my favorite one, so far, is the magazine Christmas Trees. I get to clear out some of the old magazines and don't feel like I am throwing them away into a landfill somewhere. (I am all about recycling, less trash polluting up the land that way). 

Well I am off to bed, I want to get an early start on finishing my craft tomorrow. Will hopefully be able to post pics when I am done. There is no way I am posting any before shots of it....oh, no, that is way to messy for people to see. 

Until next time....Happy Crafting!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. You are one lucky blogger!!
    Hope you get to make magazine trees with your grand daughter!