Thursday, November 24, 2011

I hope everyone had a spectular Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Mine was busy. I worked on desserts last night and helped (my hubby usually wants to cook the main food of the big meals, I always wondered if that's because I'm a bad cook or because he thinks I need a day off, lol) cook the dinner. Then we went after Kaitie to come spend the weekend. That was an interesting ride home to say the least. She was air guitaring it to "White Lightning" by George Jones. She didn't miss a beat and sung right along with the song. She is 9, she definately needs to find a younger crowd to hang with. lol When we got home she got to see the craft room I been trying to get set up the past 3 days. She was having a blast looking at all the jars of stuff that Mamie has on the shelves. I am getting there, but its a long ways to go. I am sorting through as I go and that's why its taking so long. I found stuff I forgot I even had. I guess that's what almost 3 years in boxes will do to you, make you forget.

Tomorrow (well actually now I guess later on today) I am going to try to finish going through the boxes in what was the dining room to get the rest of the living room moved out of the craft room and into the dining room.

I have a 11x22 size room now and still am running out of room? What the heck, way to much stuff. I decided come January 1st, 2012 if it isn't adhesive (which you can't craft without), I am not buying anything until I use up some of what I got. I been doing a lot of cards the past couple weeks so I am using it. I have spent some money but coming New Years Day, that will all change. I own way to much. Thank Heavens for Blog Hops, I can still get some new stuff (when I win) and not feel totally deprived. I know if I stay out of the craft stores and off the crafty websites I should be okay. 

Today or tomorrow depending on how my moving around stuff goes, I plan to put up the Christmas Tree. It will have to go in the craft room because that's the only room with windows facing the road and our living room has just been downsized to a 14x14 room, that has a small kitchen table in it. But I don't mind, I love my tree. And besides how much room can it take up? :)

Well until next time......Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi Sharyn, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment, Madison is going to love to receive card from you to take to the children! Thanks!!
    About your post....I converted my formal living room into my scrap room and hopefully you and I can keep the resolution of not buying stuff until we run out!! ..I keep saying I have to do that and reading your resolution is pushing me to do it!