Friday, November 4, 2011

Been working Christmas cards this week....

I have 2 designs of them finished. I will post as soon as they are dry. I have some that still need the stickling done on them (still waiting on supplies I ordered for that). 
I tried heat embossing today. Kaitie and I found that we like to emboss the image and do it with the indented side down, it embosses better. I need to figure out how to get the stranglies, as we were calling em today, the little spots we didnt catch before we embossed so we just scattered some loose ones around and made it look like we meant to do
We looked through all my embossing stuff and found that I really dont have that much Christmasy type stuff, so we did what we had to do with. I refuse to do anymore shopping for these cards. I have spent way to much on them as it is for no more than I am giving and sending out.
I used the polka dots embossing folder on one of them, I am curious to see when it dries how that looks with the reindeer on the front. :) Just a different look for it is what I was going for so hopefully it turns out okay.
Well until next time..........

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