Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kaitie's card to send to Madison's "I Feel The Love Program"

The card still needs to be put on a base, which she will do when she comes back this weekend. It will be mailed on Monday Dec 5th. I hope it gets there in time. Not to shabby for a 9 year old little girl. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My card for Jen's Merry And Bright Challenge

I apologize for the photo being so dark. For some reason my scanner didn't scan it as well as I thought it would and its been rainy and I couldn't get a good photo of it. Anyway, it has a silver metallic base, a snowflake paper (I don't remember where it came from, a mat stack I am sure), and a Making Memories Jelly Label "Merry Christmas" and some silver Stickles for the fur on the hat. The digital stamp is one of Jen's Digital Stamps I won from the Bountiful Blessings Blog Hop. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Good News...2 more blog wins...yeah me! Craft Room is coming along...and 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop

Well hello everyone. I received some exciting news yesterday, I won another blog Hop Prize, this time from Huff and Puff Scrap got the email yesterday. I also won earlier in the week from Tami's Craft Connection. I guess my luck hasn't entirely run out yet. Thanks for the lovely prizes ladies. I promise to get good uses out of them. :)

My craft room is coming right along. Been working on getting the living room furniture into the old dining room. We finished that up today. Now the craft room has all the boxes that used to be sitting in the dining room with my craft stuff in them sitting in the craft room on every piece of available floor space. Plans are to finish sorting it out and straightened this room (craft) up tomorrow so that the Christmas tree can go up in the front windows of the craft room. Kaitie is down here so we want to get it done while she is here to help decorate. That granddaughter (Kaitie) of mine made off like a bandit today. She has a huge box of scrapping and card making stuff. And we haven't even put a dent in all the stuff that needs to be sorted through and put away yet. :) 

I am participating in my next blog hop, I am not a person that is doing anything in it, I am just hopping along getting ideas, this one is requiring a little more time, its the 12 days of Christmas one that is over at I hope I did that right and the link works. It started today and runs through Dec 6th. So far I have seen several projects that Kaitie and I are going to try and do. I think my favorite one, so far, is the magazine Christmas Trees. I get to clear out some of the old magazines and don't feel like I am throwing them away into a landfill somewhere. (I am all about recycling, less trash polluting up the land that way). 

Well I am off to bed, I want to get an early start on finishing my craft tomorrow. Will hopefully be able to post pics when I am done. There is no way I am posting any before shots of it....oh, no, that is way to messy for people to see. 

Until next time....Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I hope everyone had a spectular Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Mine was busy. I worked on desserts last night and helped (my hubby usually wants to cook the main food of the big meals, I always wondered if that's because I'm a bad cook or because he thinks I need a day off, lol) cook the dinner. Then we went after Kaitie to come spend the weekend. That was an interesting ride home to say the least. She was air guitaring it to "White Lightning" by George Jones. She didn't miss a beat and sung right along with the song. She is 9, she definately needs to find a younger crowd to hang with. lol When we got home she got to see the craft room I been trying to get set up the past 3 days. She was having a blast looking at all the jars of stuff that Mamie has on the shelves. I am getting there, but its a long ways to go. I am sorting through as I go and that's why its taking so long. I found stuff I forgot I even had. I guess that's what almost 3 years in boxes will do to you, make you forget.

Tomorrow (well actually now I guess later on today) I am going to try to finish going through the boxes in what was the dining room to get the rest of the living room moved out of the craft room and into the dining room.

I have a 11x22 size room now and still am running out of room? What the heck, way to much stuff. I decided come January 1st, 2012 if it isn't adhesive (which you can't craft without), I am not buying anything until I use up some of what I got. I been doing a lot of cards the past couple weeks so I am using it. I have spent some money but coming New Years Day, that will all change. I own way to much. Thank Heavens for Blog Hops, I can still get some new stuff (when I win) and not feel totally deprived. I know if I stay out of the craft stores and off the crafty websites I should be okay. 

Today or tomorrow depending on how my moving around stuff goes, I plan to put up the Christmas Tree. It will have to go in the craft room because that's the only room with windows facing the road and our living room has just been downsized to a 14x14 room, that has a small kitchen table in it. But I don't mind, I love my tree. And besides how much room can it take up? :)

Well until next time......Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Amy's Great Giveaway...

As I was hopping around today, I found this really great giveaway I want to clue ya'll into. It is over at Scrap This, Save That ( I was amazed at all she offered to give away just because. Thanks Amy for the chance to win!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today I started working towards getting my craft room back...

A few years ago (April 2009) I choose to give up my craft room so that my grandson who was moving in with us could have a room. Well today (Nov 2011) I started working to get a craft room back. All summer I been wanting to be able to do my paper crafts and have been unable to because everything was boxed up in a hurry and I couldn't find anything and I was buying repeats of stuff I had already bought (ex, last month I bought a new heat embossing gun because I couldn't find mine). Hubby and I been talking about giving up the dining room and moving my craft room into the living room (which is an addition anyway). So today I started on that project of moving furniture and setting up my craft room. Hopefully I will have it done by Thanksgiving. If not, my house is going to be a wreck when people start arriving. I got a lot of it moved today, but there's still a lot to move. I swear I wouldn't need to ever visit a store for paper or cardstock ever again and never would I run My biggest problem at the moment is finding a place for everything that makes sense for it to be there. But as I progress I am sure I will eventually find a place for everything and all will be fine. As soon as it is finished I will post some pics so that I can say I actually got my craft room back. :)

Until next time....Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Beginners Luck...

I won another blog candy, this time from Holley over at Holley's Blog on her Epilepsy Awareness Blog Hop. Well that is probably the end of my luck. But I won some fabulous prizes and I am going to enjoy them so very much. Thanks to the ladies that I won the prizes from. I really can't wait to get to use them. Holley's prize for me was a set of Inkadinkado Stamps dealing with Christmas. They are due to arrive just in time for me to finish up the Christmas cards I still have to do. I think there is only a few.

I worked on my project today, it needs some finessing done to it but I got the general principal of it down I think. Here is what it is I been working on today....keep in mind this is my first run, by no means my final project.

 The instructions I had said to print it on copy paper which I did, but I need to figure out a way to waterproof the ink. I am thinking I need to take it to the photo lab let them print it out for me, then try again with the mod podging. Because the photo faded out at the top which is not what I wanted at all. And its got a few wrinkles in it. I tried to get those out but I couldn't. So while I am waiting on my photos to get here, I am trying to find a way to waterproof the photo itself.  So that's what I will be doing tomorrow.

The photo is the last photo taken of my youngest brother, Mikey, before he passed away in 2008. I plan on making one of them for all 4 of us remaining siblings for Christmas. Well they get theirs at Christmas I am getting mine when its done. :)

So until next time....Happy Crafting!

Wow yesterday was my day...

After posting that I had won at Scrappin My Stress Away, I did my final email check before bed and won a second prize on the Bountiful Blessings Blog Hop from Jen over at Jen's Digi Stamps. And boy is it hard trying to decide what to choose for my selection....her stamps are oh so beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to enter to win the gift certificate Jen. I appreciate it very much. Never can have to many stamps in one's life :)

I hope to get busy in a bit and work on my project I spoke of last night. So keep on the lookout for a post with a photo of the completed project.

So until next time....Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am so excited, I got a message in my email from Lori...

over at   I won my first blog candy. The scrapbook software from MyMemories. I have been wanting to try the program but with all my other expenses the past several months I really couldn't afford to buy it not knowing if I would use it regularly because I am an old fashion kinda scrappin' gal, I like the feel of my hands actually doing the work and seeing the end results with my elements and actually being able to feel it.

Thank you Lori for offering me the chance to try the software and a big thank you to MyMemories for offering it to Lori to offer to her followers. 

After dealing with a major water leak and no water for almost 6 hours, that makes my day a whole lot better. 

I plan on trying to work on a project this weekend that I want to post if it turns out the way I am hoping it is because I am wanting to give it to several family members if it goes the way I hope it does.
Well until next time....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just playing around today and...

I was playing around with an idea for a card that I seen somewhere in my traipsing around the internet. The only information that I was sure of was that it was 3x3 mini card. So I got me an image worked with it, and cut me a 3x6 piece of card stock scraps and here is what I came up with. I am giving it to my hubby in his lunch tonight as a "sweet" note. I haven't had time to do this in a long time and I thought he might like a "surprise". :)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some of the long awaited Christmas card pics...

 This was my first card of the year. I didn't realize the already made card base so was much bigger than the card front I made. So after this one I started cutting down and making my own bases for them. :)

 This was the second card, I knew it needed a little something. So I ordered up some Stickles and while waiting for them I made another one just silimar to it to add the Stickles to, wanted to see which one I liked best. :)

 This is the one I added Stickles too. I dont know what I did wrong with it. I got that weird coloring on the snowman. I think it was where I used the applicator tip to spread the Stickles because I didnt want a lot but I wanted some. I decided if anyone noticed it and asked about it, my answer was going to be I heat with a wood stove all my snowmen look like

 This one was a little more complicated than planned. Kaitie and I played with it and played with it and found that we liked the gold part embossed backwards because it gave it a better look than all of it being embossed upwards like the silver in Happy Holidays... what do you think? Everyone seems to like this one best of all of them I have made so far.

 This one was just one of those whimsical ones you have to have for the kiddos. I liked this image so I made several of them. I was going to try one with Stickled ornaments but I aint sure how that will go over so I haven't tried it yet. There is still time if I need the extra cards.

 This one was just playing around to see what I could come up with. I had the diecut for the snowman and I was curious if I could make something that looked like this. And by golly, look how it turned out. Not to shabby if I might say so myself. :)

 Similar card to the above one, the only difference is this runs longer instead of side to side (I aint sure what that is called, lol). I wish I had made the snowy bottom taller and moved it up on the card base some, but it still looks nice I think.

This one I tried to distress the Happy Holidays but it didnt work quite the way I planned but still overall, a nice card. I was really disappointed I couldn't get the distressed look on this that I was going for but sometimes what we want and what we get aren't always the same.

So there is some of them. If I make any more different ones I will be sure to post them. But those are the ones I have done as of now. 

Until next time......

Here is a card I made for Especially Made For You Blue Green Pink Challenge

I realize it isn't anything like some of the fabulous cards I have seen done. But as I am just starting out with the card making, I thought it turned out quite  nicely. The challenge was to use pink, green and blue in a card or layout. As I needed to make a card for a friend, I choose to do something that I thought that the friend would like, hence the pot of flowers. The image is a digi stamp (I don't recall where I actually got it from, sorry) and I colored it with Crayola Colored Pencils (those are my favorite, who can resist Crayola from our childhood?). I put it on a mat cut from a piece of KI Memories paper I bought in a stack pack years ago, inked along the edges on the sides and a little farther on the card on the bottom. I also put some Diamond Dust Stickles along a few of the leaves to give it a dew drop look although you can't see that in the scan. I am pleased with the end result.

 Thanks Ashley for offering up the challenge. I hope it meets with what I needed to do for the challenge.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here is the card I made for Making Greeting Cards November Challenge

The challenge was to pick a line on the tic toe board and use those three elements in the card. I chose to do Stickles (they are all over the snowman (Star Dust) and his buttons (Black Diamond) and the little girls pompom (Star Dust). The second element I used was coloring with pencils, I colored it all with Crayola Colored Pencils. The third element was brads, which is the "JOY", which came from Oriental Trading's Christmas Embellishment box I ordered a week ago. It also had to be in the theme of winter. 

When I saw this image, my first thought was how much it reminded me of Kaitie. She studies everything she does and she wants it perfect. So I had a lot of fun with this card. I am going to make several variations to give as Christmas cards this year I think. 

Well I guess that's the update for today. Have a great day and I will be posting again soon. The weather is suppose to turn colder here at the end of the week so I know I am going to have fun crafting and will post some more soon.

Until next time.....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not much crafting going on around here today.....

Okay maybe that isnt totally true. Kaitie has been making family members (drawing em and making em look like all of us). My refrigerator is once again covered with drawings by Kaitie. 
I been blog hopping around trying to get some new ideas to work on in the new year. I was suppose to work on my last few Christmas cards today but just wasn't feeling it. So I decided to jump online and go see what I could find as new ideas for the new year. I came across an Epilespy Awareness Blog Hop scheduled for Friday I want to participate in. Its a subject near and dear to me as I have a seizure disorder myself and this will be my FIRST blog hop so I am looking forward to it. 
I still haven't figured out how to upload my photos of my cards yet but I will figure it out soon. Once the weekend is over and the house is all quiet, and I can concentrate on what I am trying to do. Right now this blog is pretty boring, just a bunch of typed out messages from me about what I am doing crafty, but I promise as soon as I figure it out I will get busy. 
Okay well I better get going, I got a birthday party to attend in a few hours and I still got a couple blogs I want to hit for ideas before I go. Have a great and blessed day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Been working Christmas cards this week....

I have 2 designs of them finished. I will post as soon as they are dry. I have some that still need the stickling done on them (still waiting on supplies I ordered for that). 
I tried heat embossing today. Kaitie and I found that we like to emboss the image and do it with the indented side down, it embosses better. I need to figure out how to get the stranglies, as we were calling em today, the little spots we didnt catch before we embossed so we just scattered some loose ones around and made it look like we meant to do
We looked through all my embossing stuff and found that I really dont have that much Christmasy type stuff, so we did what we had to do with. I refuse to do anymore shopping for these cards. I have spent way to much on them as it is for no more than I am giving and sending out.
I used the polka dots embossing folder on one of them, I am curious to see when it dries how that looks with the reindeer on the front. :) Just a different look for it is what I was going for so hopefully it turns out okay.
Well until next time..........