Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not much crafting going on around here today.....

Okay maybe that isnt totally true. Kaitie has been making family members (drawing em and making em look like all of us). My refrigerator is once again covered with drawings by Kaitie. 
I been blog hopping around trying to get some new ideas to work on in the new year. I was suppose to work on my last few Christmas cards today but just wasn't feeling it. So I decided to jump online and go see what I could find as new ideas for the new year. I came across an Epilespy Awareness Blog Hop scheduled for Friday I want to participate in. Its a subject near and dear to me as I have a seizure disorder myself and this will be my FIRST blog hop so I am looking forward to it. 
I still haven't figured out how to upload my photos of my cards yet but I will figure it out soon. Once the weekend is over and the house is all quiet, and I can concentrate on what I am trying to do. Right now this blog is pretty boring, just a bunch of typed out messages from me about what I am doing crafty, but I promise as soon as I figure it out I will get busy. 
Okay well I better get going, I got a birthday party to attend in a few hours and I still got a couple blogs I want to hit for ideas before I go. Have a great and blessed day!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, but you have to be a follower to win. I see you do follow some other blogs.
    To add pics to your posts. Once you have a new post open and you have typed up all you want you just click on the little picture to the right of the word link, it says insert image. It opens up a window, click on choose files. This opens your files on your computer and you just pick what you want. You just keep clicking on choose files until you have all you want, then you click on add selected. Hope this helps you.
    If you need help with anything else, just use the contact me button on my blog and I will be happy to help you if I can.
    I wish I had someone to help me when I started. It can all be quite confusing.
    Good luck.
    I am your first follower. Yeah!!